Our History

Linda started L.A. Tax Service in 1980.

After having our personal income taxes prepared back in the late 70’s and paying more money for that service than our budget would allow at the time, it was mentioned while having dinner with some very close friends at a restaurant here in Freeport IL (Wine and Dine) why I didn’t go back to school and learn to prepare taxes. Well that is all it took, someone planted a seed.

So off to classes I went and never thought I would enjoy it as much as I had. They tell me that it is “garbage in and garbage out” with all the new tax laws each year but to me it is fascinating.

When I decided to take on this new adventure of Tax Law and Preparation I only did it for my own benefit. I had no intentions of starting a business nor preparing taxes for other people.

After I finished school, there were a couple of offers that were presented to me. One was from Finance Company and the other a local Attorney. I wasn’t interested in working outside the home. Only because I had a family I need to be home for.

Well, word of mouth is a wonderful thing! The first year I had 45 clients calling and asking if I would prepare their taxes. I remember one person in particular that came to my office and had income from a set aside program. I was not familiar with the income he had to report nor, the forms needed. I had told him I was sorry but, wouldn’t be able to help him. His words ” come on we’ll find the form” so off we went to the State Bank, found the forms needed and hence began his tax return. Had it not been for Ted to “push me” I don’t think I would have gone much further but he gave me the confidence to “find the answers” and reach out for help, in this case not having the correct forms.

Now since everything is computerized with e-filing, direct deposits and direct communication with the IRS, forms, publications, and answers are readily available.

I worked out of my home for 20 years and then when the business got bigger than just a one person operation it was time to move into town. It was pretty tough on me that first year only because I had to wear shoes to work! I was fortunate enough to be able to raise my children and still be a stay at home mom. In 2000 the move was made to our present location.

We’re about to start gearing up for 42nd year in the Tax Business and as much as I enjoy preparing taxes I enjoy visiting with my clients just as much and I feel this is an added bonus each year for me.


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