Welcome to the 2023 Tax Season


Our current hours are:

Monday through Friday 8am till 4pm. Our hours will be extended after January 15th.


You may make an appointment or drop off your documents. We also have the option for you to download your documents into our secure portal. Please either download the Taxes to go app or you may call or email us at LATax@LATaxService.net and we can get that set up for you.

A few words from Linda:

Wait to file your tax return until you receive all of your documentation. Some investment companies don’t release tax statements until late February into March. Many statements may need to be viewed and printed online instead of being sent in the mail.

Setting up an account on the IRS website has many benefits. There you can get your exact amount of advanced Child Tax credit and all three Stimulus checks. You will also have access to letters, balances, transcripts and adjusted gross income from a prior year.

Let us know about any life changes. It can determine many factors in properly preparing your return. Did you lose or gain a dependent? Did you get married, divorced or separated? Did your spouse pass away?

By having all tax statements available when you file, it may decrease the need for a costly amendment, IRS letters and delay of tax refunds.


Where’s my refund?

Most refunds are issued within 21 calendar days. You may check the status of your refund at www.irs.gov

What are your prices?

Our prices start at $65 for a basic tax return. For a more detailed estimate please stop in.

Our fees are based on the complexity of your return and the forms or schedules necessary to complete your return.

What type of returns do you prepare?

We prepare individual, small business, and farm returns.

What do I need to bring to my tax appointment?

Please bring all income statements including W2s, 1099s, and Social Security statements.

A valid State ID

Bank information if wanting to do a direct deposit.

For a complete list, please see Tax Appointment Checklist under the Resource tab.

How long will my appointment take?

On average, plan on spending 45-60 minutes in our office. If you were a previous year client then the appointment time may be shorter. Multiple appointments may be needed depending on the complexity of your return.

Drop offs are always welcomed.

What if I don’t have my books in order?

We offer a variety of worksheets to help you organize your business incomes/expenses. Both Linda and Amanda are willing to show you basic bookkeeping needed to file your tax return. There are also many online bookkeeping programs or apps to make it easier. Please have your books in order before making an appointment or dropping off your information.

Where are you located?

We are located on the corner of Galena Ave (Business 20) and Armstrong. Across from street from Barkau Used Car Lot and Dollar General in Freeport IL. We are 2 blocks East of Aquin High School.